Random acts of kindness week :12th-18th February

What is a random act of kindness? It’s literally what it says on the tin – doing something kind for someone whether you know them or not for absolutely no reason! However big or small the idea is just to bring a bit of sunshine to someone’s day and I really think it works. The power of kindness is often underestimated but it can make a massive difference. A small gesture might not change someone’s life or fix their problems but it can make them smile even for just a minute and that should be enough reason to go for it!

I don’t come from a particularly touchy-feely family but we’ve always been pretty good at RAOK – surprise flowers, a nice dinner, my dad even tried to learn how to crimp hair once (who knew you could crimp a fringe!?). I feel lucky to have learned this from a young age because it comes naturally to me now and I genuinely enjoy doing it. Making someone smile is one of the best feelings in the world.

During my time spent in hospital I was on the receiving end of many, very appreciated, acts of kindness – a letter slid under my bedroom door, a magazine brought in when I wasn’t allowed out and even just someone trying to make me laugh when I felt crap. These gestures would really make me whole day when I was feeling low and I still have a lot of the bits and bobs I’ve been given. Sometimes it seems the people most likely to perform RAOK are people who have at some point really needed some kindness themselves.

So, this week I’m challenging you to take part in a random act of kindness! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before or have no money – It’s the thought behind it that counts. So, let that elderly lady on the bus first, write someone a kind letter or be there for a friend for a late-night chat. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it more than you know.


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