Twelve underrated self-care ideas

  1. Star – gazing – there is something really soothing in looking out into space and realising how small you and all your problems really are. The whole earth with all seven billion of human kind is tiny in the grand scheme of things – it really isn’t significant that you said something stupid yesterday!
  2. Getting dressed up and going absolutely nowhere! That really nice make- up you keep for special occasions? Put it on – take your time. Fix your hair the exact way you like it and even if you’re sitting in your jammies you’ll feel much better about yourself!
  3. Go a walk ( safety permitting!). Even if you don’t feel like it – fresh air and endorphins can all really lift your mood! Nature can be pretty peaceful and even ten minutes might be enough to boost your mood!
  4. Do something kind for someone else! However small or insignificant it may seem it’ll make a difference to their day and that is a great feeling!
  5. Tidy up – I always find sitting around in a cluttered messing room makes my brain feel similar, just picking things off the floor or re-arranging a shelf can help.
  6. Write. Scream into your pillow. Don’t try to brush over your feelings – they are real and valid. Let them out. Feel them and express them however you want. And then move on as best you can.
  7. Treat yourself – a new bit of make-up, a bar of chocolate. Literally anything that will lift your mood – you are worth it!
  8. Looking at old photos or memories – but only happy ones! Look at photos from great nights out or family holidays and think of all the good times you’ve had and the ones you will have in the future!
  9. Do some arts and crafts even If you’re not good at it. It could turn out better than you think and if not – no one has to see it! Paint a picture, make a card , decorate a box. Anything! You’ll feel you’ve been productive and hopefully have something nice to show for it!
  10. Imaginary conversations – we all have them. That comeback you thought of two hours too late or something you wish you could say but can’t – do it in your head and feel powerful even if it’s just imaginary!
  11. Do nothing. Fuck that essay that’s due tomorrow and you’re greasy hair. The food shopping can be done tomorrow! Take a day totally for what you want to do and not need to do.
  12. Spend time with children or animals – they are so innocent and can’t comprehend all the things we worry about. Let that simplicity rub off on you even just in the short term.



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